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How to install & setup a&a light script

a&a light is compatible with eggdrop/windrop 1.6.18 or higher. To run the script, you must have a compiled eggdrop on your shell or an windrop. Extract the a&a light script in the eggdrop/windrop directory. You will have 3 configuration files: botnick.conf, settings.conf, eggdrop.conf & the folder ascript. Before starting the BOT you must edit botnick.conf & settings.conf, otherwise the BOT will not start or will be shutdowned.

Install a&a light on eggdrop

Install a&a light on windrop

Settings files


  • global manager

  • To become a global manager (+N flag) - you MUST have global +n flag & your MUST be a permanent owner (see *set owner "YourHand"* in settings.tcl). To become manager - msg the BOT the command: 'promote'. You will be automatically granted +N global flag (manager).

    Attention! if there is already a global +N user - the 'promote' command will have NO effect. This command works once, as the command 'hello'.

  • X & Q
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  • Keywords: a&a light script, how to install.
    Aditional links: how to compile an eggdrop, download windrop, download eggdrop.
    Status: to be updated, site will be ready when the a&a light script will be in BETA 3 stable version.
    Last update: 01.08.2009
    To do: how to setup on windrop, to describe all settings, describe how to configure, add a&a light config generator